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Don’t Be Such A Drag

What do you think of when you think of “Drag?”

Images that likely come to mind are six foot tall glamazon men-turned-women with pounds of makeup, fake boobs, and mountains of glitter. Indeed, that is what Drag has come to mean for contemporary society. It is a performance to be reveled and taken lightly with a spirit of joviality. I challenge, however, that any performance by a drag queen is something to be taken seriously, with the utmost respect to the performer. It is with that mentality that the first audiences to Drag came. In fact, Drag (like many facets in the world of queer sexualities) is a concept that depreciated over time. From cultural acceptance to taboo, one can consider the history of Drag a DE-evolution. So, allow me to take you on the colorful journey of Drag in popular culture.


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